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Welcome to Kirk Miller art

This website is dedicated to my new and experimental art.

About KirkMiller art

In my recent body of work, I construct prosthetic memories as a means to explore the notion of self. For the past four years I’ve incorporated plastic figurines (self-portraits) and used redacted religious text fragments to investigate this idea. These new works integrate traditional art making processes along with an interest in exploring new fabrication methods and materials. I work assiduously to bring together many facets of visual art into my projects, which often incorporate sculpture, photography, and installation. My practice is a blend of Minimalism and Conceptualism laced with a droll sense of humor and a tendency towards tongue-in-cheek visual puns that still manage to service a desire to investigate existential and ontological concerns.

Kirk's education and experience cover a broad spectrum of art and art activity. He has a background in art history, commercial illustration and design, and several years working as a conceptual artist. Mr. Miller received a BA in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley before going on to earn a BFA in Illustration and an MFA in Painting, both from Art Center College of Design. His work has been exhibited at many national and international locations, including The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Arena 1 Gallery, ARK Gallery & Studios, Site: Brooklyn, South Bay Contemporary SoLA, Krygier/Landau Contemporary Art, Chapman University, and the Galleria Notturna d'Arte Contemporanea in Milan, Italy. Mr. Miller has taught at Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Northridge, and Pasadena City College, but for most of his teaching career, he has been on faculty at Cerritos College, instructing survey courses, as well as classes devoted explicitly to electronic imaging and installation/experimental art. During his time at Cerritos, he has served as art department chair, gallery director, and awarded the Outstanding Faculty of the Year. If you have any questions or comments, please contact him at

Kirk Miller art (aka KMart) resulted from artwork I did in the late 80's and early 90's that addressed the relationship between art and economics. Many of these works were in an exhibition (titled "Take Over") and shown in Los Angeles, New York, and Milan. A synopsis of the catalogue (below), which accompanied this exhibition, explains how and why KMart came to be. The number sixty-six was added later when I acquired an email address. Kmart (the store) was already taken, so I added the number sixty-six, my home address, which just happened to be close to a section of the historic Route 66. Making a connection between my home and email address, and Route 66 with the "information super highway," just seemed to make sense.



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